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Interior Options is the leading corporate commercial interior designer firm in India. We provide modern and stylish commercial, retail and office interior design images and looks.
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Commercial Interior Design Services

Interior Options offer a wide range of commercial interior design service for every genre of the work atmosphere. With the outlook of commercial design projects Interior Options are ready to cater the needs of the commercial sector in every possible way. Interior Options have been serving the commercial sector for more than 12 years in 10 different states and covering 200 projects in all.

Corporate Interior Designers

We help our clients with a range of corporate interior design services, including turnkey solution, designing and execution, flooring, electrical, walls and ceiling, HVAC and fire fighting & automation.

Offices Interior Designers / Small Offices Interior Designers

Whether creating workplace environments that inspire collaboration and employee health to commercial office buildings geared toward attracting exceptional tenants, we partner with our clients to help them achieve their vision.

Retail/Showrooms Interior Designers

We provide retail interior designing services for every type of retail showroom. And because the primary purpose of retail space is to stock and sell product to consumers, the spaces must be designed in a way that promotes an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience for the consumer. From turnkey solutions to furniture and wall décor our designer keeps an eye on your every requirement regarding the transformation of your shop.We deal in:

  • Clothes Showrooms Interior Designs
  • Garments Showrooms Interior Designs
  • Jewellery Showrooms Interior Designs
  • Mobile Showrooms Interior Designs
  • Clothing Showrooms Interior Designs
  • Footwear Showrooms Interior Design

  • Henredon Showrooms Interior Designs
  • Fashion Showrooms Interior Designs
  • Shoes Showrooms Interior Designs
  • Apparel Showrooms Interior Designs
  • Saree Showrooms Interior Designs

Interior Options have a passion for creating cost effective yet luxurious and practical interiors. We aim to set the standard for innovative designing depending upon the purpose it feeds to the owner. From design concept to successful completion, we commit to our clients for best standards and clear motives of our services.


Lounge Interior Designers

Our experts are highly recommended for the world class modern lounge interior design services. With unique style of interior designing we have covered many projects for top clients. Lounge/bar interior designing need a lot of innovation as well as an atmosphere of comfort, and we take care of every single detail to reach out to the comfort and convenience of our clients in every project.

Hospitality Interior Designers

Hospitality interior design is the leading commercial interior design, and to provide the owners and their guest with the privilege of our high end designs we work hard to accomplish designs which give optimal functions and convenience for the users. Our designers work along with the manufacturing team to design suitable furniture and designs to enhance the place and bring out the purpose of designing it.

Bar Interior Designers

Bar design is really straight forward. Your customer needs a place to put their drink, or plate of food. It has to be comfortable. And you equipment behind the bar has to function properly. Every bar design is totally different according to the needs of the owner. Our designers work hard to bring change in every project we complete with full professionalism and innovation.

Hotels Interior Designers

Transforming creative ideas into practical reality y making use of a full range of styles and approaches that are appropriate to the project as well as are under the budget of the client is the main priority for our company. We bring out the inspiring hotel interior design to build up a strong relation between the client and their guest which will leave its mark for a long time.

Restaurants Interior Designers

Interior design plays a big role in getting customers for restaurants along with the good food and great service and because these days the competition does almost everything to get a piece of your customers, you have to try and be better than others. A unique interior design will differentiate you from the ordinary restaurants or coffee shops on the market and print the brand in the customers’ minds.

Bank Interior Designers

Every city is full of banks now days, and to prove one is better than the other only services do not count. Sometimes it is about the looks too. When you see a luxurious bank building you are tempted to have more trust in it. Also, it is considered a quality if the bank building has an intelligent architecture which allows the customer to orient better.

Hospital Interior Designers

We provide the best hospital interior designer to design the hospitals, clinic, dental clinics, specialised hospital and even more. And for every different hospital interior there is a whole lot task for designers to accomplish the same. We at interior Options hope to accomplish every healthcare interior project to serve our clients in the best possible way.

Spa & Salons Interior Designers

With increasing spas and salons worldwide along with the growing need for designing these places to attract the customers heavily we bring out the best designs to inspire the customers and showcase the personality and type of services rendered by our clients through our designs at their work place. Not only does the visual look of a salon matters but the comfort and a soothing atmosphere is what one searches for here.

Institutes & Colleges Interior Designers

Colleges and institution need designing for every corner to bring on a positive vibe among the students and the teachers as well. Interior Options work deliberately to provide their clients the calm and positive atmosphere with all the functionality for every room in need.

Play Schools Interior Designers

We at interior Options believe that play schools tend to me more enjoyable and fun loving place, to give the kids the feeling of togetherness these places are designed keeping the kids in mind. The play school interior design is much more of colours and creativity.

Resort Interior Designers

We provide our clients a wide range of resort interior designing which can be personalised and customised as per the clients need. Our designers have these ideas with fantasy bedroom to glass flooring and colourful yet sophisticated interior design schemes.

Malls Interior Designers

Due to our immense industrial know-how and vast knowledge we our rendering our services to the mall interior. We have a crew of classified designers who are fully aware what is to be kept in mind while designing a public place. We transform the supermarket and shopping malls into an impressive and eye catching retail location. The interior designing purview includes retail stores, casinos, shopping plazas, restaurants etc.

Theatres Interior Designers

Whether the multiplex cinema or the home theatre we offer interior designing service for every kind. Theatre is the custom entertainment spaces that add to human enjoyment factor and we make efforts to design such places with equal efforts. Our professional has a backup of experienced manufacturing team and executers that enable us to cater the diversifying needs and requirements of our clients. We ensure to provide the services as per their specified requirements. And for the ultimate results prior to handing over the project we make our gamut is made to undergo stringent quality tests to ensure its compliance with the international standard norms.